Marketing Support

Venue operations meets marketing. 

GP, T/O, ADR, ADT. A few letters that would make no sense to most, but have the ability make or break venues. There is no single move or bandaid solution for a successful venue. Hospitality Management is an ongoing, ever-changing Goliath that takes time to understand.

A constant balancing act to keep locals, members, boards, managers, staff, community groups and licensing happy - all who have competing priorities and want different things!

The Habitat mantra is to provide Marketing support, with an Operational focus in mind. Creativity needs to be balanced with profitability and a great staff and customer culture.


Venue operations meets marketing.

Off-Site Marketing Manager 

We get together with your key staff once a month to review current venue activity and map out what we will do for the upcoming promotional period, plus 12 hours of off-site project hours per month. Your marketing activities will be executed for you, according to your monthly plan. Rather than you having to get in contact with us, we prompt you with anything you need to do, and we take care of the rest.   


  • 1 on-site meeting or planning session a month (max 4 hours)

  • 12 hours of project time per month, which may include: Execution of monthly marketing strategy, email, SMS, website content updates, artwork creation, management of printing and distribution, creation of terms and conditions, and staff memo’s.

QUOTED PER VENUE // // Minimum 6 month commitment // Additional project hours charged per hour.


After initial discovery sessions with key stakeholders to acknowledge the direction the business needs to head, everything will be delivered for your approval ‘ready to go’.

With a ‘master’ of every discipline for your projects, we output faster and at a higher quality. Get your internal staff back concentrating on your culture, your people, and delivering on your promises.

Access to group pricing on a variety of products including print and hospitality technology.