Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to content or advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Customer behaviour is shifting with growing content and platform choices. We now own less TV’s per household than ever before. Streaming services like Netflix and Stan have intruded our mobile phones and tablets, even our weekly grocery shop at Woolies or Coles can now be done on a mobile phone and collected at no extra cost.

The internet and mobile phones are changing the way that we as humans go about our daily lives.

We now carry a camera, a calendar, an alarm clock, TV, radio and our entire bookshelf all in one device in our pockets. We can speak to anyone across the planet for free, read the newspaper without the ‘paper’ and we don’t need to walk into a bank anymore or even take cash out from an ATM.

Our entire lives can be managed from a little rectangle in our pockets.

For a businesses wanting to get in front of customers this is exceptional news, as it means if we want to, we have an avenue to get to customers at almost every hour they are awake.

Because of the enormous amount of data that these digital marketing avenues have collected on us, we can target our advertising to an audience based on how old they are, where they live, even if they are likely to want to buy our products.

Better yet, we can track the return on investment. Every button click is measured, each person who saw our ad is counted and reported on... Try to get that sort of certainty from TV or radio.




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Website Design & Development 

Your website is your customer service employee that never sleeps. Answering questions, taking bookings, showing menus and explaining details of all your current promotions. Your customers generally look for info online first, then call the venue if they can’t find what they are looking for... which both irritates them AND creates extra work for venue staff. Your site needs to be fast, incredibly mobile-friendly and flows with the least amount of speed bumps between your customer and finding what they are looking for.

Habitat can provide

  • Mobile-first website design
  • WordPress devleopment
  • Integrated online booking facility
  • EDM integration
  • Social Media integrations
  • Ongoing content uploads
  • Downloadable and interactive function packages

Quoted per project 


Social Advertising

We are currently not taking on board any social advertising until February 2019.

Quoted per project