Bleach* Festival:  2019 Date Launch Preparation  


Postcard : 
2019 launch date postcard was printed on 300gsm card and finished with matt celloglaze for a sophisticated finish.   


Bleach* Festival is the Gold Coast Festival, taking place annually across the City in April. The program is one of Australia’s leading and most exciting site-specific contemporary arts programs.

Quintessentially Gold Coast, Bleach* Festival celebrates the city’s most dynamic and adventurous artists, welcomes renowned Australian and international collaborators and engages a broad audience through a range of events.  Utilising the Gold Coast’s world-famous natural landscape as unconventional venues, Bleach* Festival aims to deliver incredible arts and cultural experiences that challenge expectations, change perceptions and provide a unique and authentic sense of place, inspiring both locals and visitors alike.

Bleach* Festival has attracted more than 470,000 people since its inaugural year in 2012.  The program features work across all genres including dance, theatre, contemporary music, opera, installations, circus and major public events.


With the 2018 festival at a close and the Bleach* 2019 being curated behind the scenes by team, we created a  collection of 'Date Launch' marketing collateral.

A series of high quality postcards, along with accompanying print ads were created and distributed over July, August and September 2018.

To keep Bleach* 'ticking along' in between festival dates, we also created an email template and set the Bleach* team up in-house with the ability to create and manipulate their own email artwork.