Marketing solutions for
pubs and clubs. 

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From a little bit of help,
to taking care of it all. 

There are so many touch-points a customer uses to make a decision on your business, even before they have set foot inside your venue.

Facebook, Instagram, SMS, email, website, direct mail, customer service, billboards, print ads, loyalty program, internal POS, online reviews, booking system, word of mouth... Executed properly all these touch-points provide an ecosystem of awareness for your customers, and the perfect HABITAT for your business to grow.

You might be a small venue without the budget or resources for an internal Marketing or Promotions Manager. You might be a large venue who just needs an extra 15 hours a week to run Social Media and alleviate some artwork creation pressures - we can help.

Habitat is a collective of hand-picked designers, developers, artists, photographers, copywriters, digital managers and service providers connected by a love of, and experience with, the hospitality industry.

Gold Coast-based, we work alongside your team members, suppliers, and contractors as part of the team. We are not ‘set and forget’ - we are not fly in, fly out. We believe in regular catch ups, planning and a proactive rather than reactive approach to getting “bums on seats” in your venue.

We know the challenges, we know the time constraints, we know the reps, we know the legislation, we know the industry.

And we’d love to get to know you.



X-Cargo, Brisbane 

Given the title of "Queensland's Most Instagrammable Venue" before it even opened, the project at X-Cargo was always going to be special. 

In between the 1255-square-metre lot, covered in a landscape of tetris-style bright white  shipping containers, lay three two-story walls. Artists Lee Harnden and Tony Lee transformed the space into a Miami-style oasis in the city.